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Kenmore Coldspot 106.57032601 – Ice dispenser hinge broken

+1 to the power of the Internet. It delivered when our refrigerator ice dispenser broke last weekend.

After some searching, I found this forum and decided to post. Not even an hour later I had the right manufacturer repair part thanks to Jake over at the appliance blog forums. Not to mention the price was reasonable with better shipping options after comparing to buying the part from Sears Parts Direct.

The manufacturer’s directions that came with this part had the worst pictures imaginable. However I’m sure having some pictures was better than nothing. The directions show they were written or printed in October of 2005. What follows is my repair log that can supplement those directions (though use at your own risk).

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Summer Returns – Zenith Zoysia in Falls River Community

Grass started greening itself late March/early April because of how warm our winter was in 2011/2012.

2012 Computer Build

It is time to upgrade the computer at home. My last computer build was completed in December of 2007. It was a Intel Q6600 based system. The Q6600 has been stable at 3.2ghz for all these years and I have been very happy with it.

Ever since that build I have been watching out for the next CPU that could overclock well. Enter the Intel 2500K.

This CPU is solid and with very little ‘tweaking’ I am running at 4ghz. Once I find more time I hope to reach the 4.2ghz or 4.5ghz range.

Part list:

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Restoration

Today I used the 3M headlight restoration kit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I snagged the kit off Amazon for 10 dollars as a slickdeal.

Here are the results:

Winter is Coming – Zenith Zoysia in Falls River Community

The grass is finally turning brown.  Here it is in transition.  Will follow up once it is fully dormant.

Shackleford Banks newest addition

Thanks to hurricane Irene, Shackleford Banks has a new addition named Aftermath who was born early due to the stress of the storm. Here he is lounging:


6 Weeks – Zenith Zoysia in Falls River Community

Freshly cut and surviving 100+ degree heat for a week.  Watered twice during the week.

3 Weeks – Zenith Zoysia in Falls River Community

Here is the sidewalk strip after two weeks of watering and its first mow at the end of the third week…

Looks pretty good.  We’ll see how this winter fairs.  If it goes well we’ll replace the whole front with Zenith Zoysiagrass.

1 Week – Zenith Zoysia in Falls River Community

Now that the Falls River Community HOA has approved Zoysiagrass for our lawns, we jumped on it for our sidewalk strip.

Week 1 of Zenith Zoysia from Super Sod at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market.

Lost or Found a Pet in the Triangle Area (North Carolina)?

My wife and I found a lost dog on July 4th, 2010.  We were lost ourselves after finding the lost dog did not have a collar or RFID chip.  It was July 4th and we could see the many fireworks scared it.   Our family helped find the owners, but I figured posting this somewhere for future reference would be handy:

  • Create a found/lost posting in lost & found on:
  • Create a found/lost posting at: Triangle Lost Pets (sponsored by Wake County)
  • Want to check for a RFID chip? Animal Hospitals can read these chips.  If it is after hours, this vet is open 24 hours: Quail Corners Animal Hospital
  • Lost and Found @ SPCA
  • Leave your phone number with people when asking around the neighborhood (just in case the owners ask the same folks later).
  • Pet Finder also has alot of information for finding hospitals.
  • Wait… for any replies (hardest part).