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Summer Returns – Zenith Zoysia in Falls River Community

Grass started greening itself late March/early April because of how warm our winter was in 2011/2012.

Things to do when switching Companies

Letter of Separation

State timeline and intentions clearly.  It does not need to be overly detailed, but it will go in your file with HR.  There are plenty of example letters online for reference.


Decide how to handle 401k, which Clark Howard would say: Roll it Over!  Just need to call to see if roll-over is an option.


Determine when health benefits from the old Company end and at the new Company begin.  If there is any lapse (which is bad) between when your old coverage ends and the new begins, decide on paying for COBRA Insurance which may be offered from the old Company’s health plan.  Keep in mind, single-payer insurance can be expensive and COBRA insurance normally is not subsidized due to voluntary separation.  If the job-loss is involuntary, COBRA is actually subsidized and pretty economical.  Going on a spouse’s plan is an option as well.  Typically a job-loss is a qualifying condition for the spouse to update their benefits.

Stock options

If vested but not exercised, and it is beneficial to use them (after taxes, etc), don’t forget about them before leaving!


If you have unused vacation and it has already been accrued for the year, ask about getting paid for it.

And lastly, enjoy the adventure 🙂

Post Fail

Blogging is hard.  Sitting down and working through the writing process takes time and that time commitment has been the main problem.  My plan is to make posts from any timeframe rather than what just occurred in the recent now.

This plan should open up post possibilities from the past, present, and future 🙂  WordPress luckily has a way to set the publish date so the post can represent when those things actually happened.

It at least should make for an interesting Internet Archive history over time.