Kenmore Coldspot 106.57032601 – Ice dispenser hinge broken

+1 to the power of the Internet. It delivered when our refrigerator ice dispenser broke last weekend.

After some searching, I found this forum and decided to post. Not even an hour later I had the right manufacturer repair part thanks to Jake over at the appliance blog forums. Not to mention the price was reasonable with better shipping options after comparing to buying the part from Sears Parts Direct.

The manufacturer’s directions that came with this part had the worst pictures imaginable. However I’m sure having some pictures was better than nothing. The directions show they were written or printed in October of 2005. What follows is my repair log that can supplement those directions (though use at your own risk).

Kenmore Coldspot 106.57032601
Manufacturer part number 8201756

Unplug the power from the wall. I also stuffed a towel into the ice chute to preserve the temperature inside the unit. Then you can pry off the front panel from the bottom of the panel. There are two slots for working in a non-marring pry bar.

Disconnect the wire connectors and unscrew the circuit board assembly. There are snaps on the side to undo once the two screws are out. Finally, item 3, you pull down to expose a vacuum lever (the black looking part in the repair kit). This part also comes out by pulling down carefully and disconnecting from the door hinge.

Here is my broken right hinge.

I broke off this piece as the metal part replaces it.

Repair kit parts:

My assistant 🙂

The metal plate attaches via foam tape provided on the part. This adhesive sets very quickly. Make sure to clean the plastic housing area where the tape will be attached. I also used the pin to help align the holes when attaching to the plastic housing.

Here is the water hinge reinforcement. It works very well and I’m surprised it did not come standard. There was no reinforcement before and so all pressure went to the switch that turns the water on/off.

When reattaching the door hinge, I left the actual door off to make it easier. Also make sure to engage the spring legs by pulling them back towards you. I had a hook tool to pull them back one at a time.

After the door hinge is attached, snap the door back onto the hinge. Then reinstall the vacuum lever. Now push in the ice dispenser. If installed correctly, the vacuum lever will slow the door down as it closes so it does not slam against the ice door.