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2012 Computer Build

It is time to upgrade the computer at home. My last computer build was completed in December of 2007. It was a Intel Q6600 based system. The Q6600 has been stable at 3.2ghz for all these years and I have been very happy with it.

Ever since that build I have been watching out for the next CPU that could overclock well. Enter the Intel 2500K.

This CPU is solid and with very little ‘tweaking’ I am running at 4ghz. Once I find more time I hope to reach the 4.2ghz or 4.5ghz range.

Part list:

Dell Mini 10v Component Upgrades

Recipe for the best diaper-bag companion for a new mom 🙂  After the upgrades, closing the lid yields 2 second suspends and it also awakens just as fast.  Not to mention it has multiple USB ports and SD card reader for offloading and reviewing photos.

Here is dismantled 10v photo in order to install the new SSD and RAM.

The biggest help in the tear down of the machine was one of these: Norton’s universal cleaning stick from CountyComm.

There are many plastic snaps the case uses in place of screws in the keyboard palm rest.  The cleaning stick worked wonders in prying those apart without damage.  There are also ribbon cables that can be easily separated from the motherboard with it.

Resources for doing the upgrades

Remove animations from Gnome


  • ‘desktop/gnome/interface/enable_animations’
  • ‘apps/panel/global/enable_animations’
  • ‘apps/metacity/general/reduced_resources’

Reduced resources for Metacity also turns hides window contents when moving. But turning on accessibility fixes that:

  • ‘desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility’