300 Gallon Rain Water Collector

A summer project is complete!   Just in time as we are under water restrictions due to a drought.

Installed under my front porch is a 300 gallon rainwater collector and is modeled after my Dad’s rain barrel.  The main difference between ours is the pump is not hooked up to a pressure sensor.  Rumor has it that the pumps used do better when there is a continuous flow of water through them (even though restricted) in order to keep them cool.   We will see how each approach lasts over time.


The crazy part is this 300 gallon container was filled after one light North Carolina rain when only one rain gutter is the supply.   The hope is to finally keep the front lawn green by watering more 🙂

Parts list:

300 Gallon Rain Barrel with continuous run 1/2 HP Pump